Understanding Pet Insurance – Why It’s a Good Idea

You insure your family’s health, your car, your home, and even your toys like boats and RV’s, so why not insure your pet? After all, pets are family, too!

The cost of dealing with pet health expenses can quickly add up, and may leave you totally unprepared for the financial burden of surgery and care arising from unexpected events like accidents, broken bones, and even cancer.  When an emergency strikes, the last thing that you want to have to do is choose between finances and making the best decision for your pet’s health.

Unfortunately, less than 5% of dogs and 1% of cats are covered by pet insurance, leaving pet owners exposed to unexpected expenses that may force them into difficult choices.

Protect your pets and your bank account with Pet Insurance.

You Have Options in Pet Insurance Policies and Coverage

There are many options for policy coverage, ranging from catastrophic events only to total wellness with annual check-ups and vaccinations.   Options and cost do vary according to pet age, so it’s a good idea to select a plan while your pet is young rather than waiting for age-related issues to set in.

It’s also a good idea to study the breed of your pet to learn the health conditions and potential structural issues typically associated with the breed.  That way you can anticipate what concerns could arise and assess various pet insurance coverage in light of that potential.

There are many pet insurers to choose from, and you’ll find that now even human insurers have expanded into pet health insurance, so check with your own provider, too!

Pet Insurance is Easy to Use

While policies and coverage may differ, the way your pet insurance works is pretty straight forward.  Typically, you pay your veterinarian directly, and then submit a copy of your itemized invoice for reimbursement through your pet insurance provider.  The insurance company will send you a check covering a percentage of the bill according to the agreed-upon coverage of your policy.  As with any insurance policy, it’s important to know your plan and its coverage.

Pet Insurance is Far-Reaching

While human health insurers often have preferred provider and network lists limiting doctor choices, most pet insurance providers will accept documentation from any licensed veterinarian you choose.

So, in this case, if you like your doctor, you really can keep your doctor!

Pet Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

A monthly investment in pet insurance can be well worth the confidence that you gain from knowing that, should an event arise, even a catastrophic one, you are prepared to offset the financial burden.

That allows you to focus on comfort and healing, while having the ability to do what’s best for your pet!

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