South Reno Veterinary Hospital Services

Dedicated to delivering the highest quality service in a friendly and caring environment.
  • Preventive Medicine
    Annual Exams · Vaccines · Comprehensive Blood Screenings
    Urinalysis · Fecal Test · Heartworm Test
  • Diagnostics
    State of the Art Lab with Chemistry, Blood Cell and Electrolyte Analyzer
    Digital X-Rays On Site
  • Surgery
    Surgical Suite Well-Equipped for most Veterinary Procedures
    Advanced Vital Sign Monitoring During Anesthesia, Combining Advanced
    Electronic Monitoring with Personal Vet Assistant Observation
    Sevoflurane Anesthesia for Ease of Sedation and Recovery
  • Pharmacy
    Full Line of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
    Specialty Medications Available Next Day
  • Dentistry
    Ultrasonic Scaling for Extremely Effective Tartar Removal
    Thorough Oral Exams for Signs of Periodontal Disease and Oral Tumors
    Digital Dental X-Rays
    Oral Surgery
Dr. Matt Schmitt's accreditation is VMD, as awarded by the University of Pennsylvania, so named because the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine is actually the Veterinary Department of the Medical School, indicating that his studies were overseen by MD's as well as DVM's. Some would say that this puts him a notch above.