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Dedicated to Delivering the Highest Quality Service
in a Friendly and Caring Environment

South Reno Veterinary Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility operated to the highest standards in Veterinary Medicine.

All patients are seen by Dr. Matt Schmitt, so there is continuity in treatment with the comfort in knowing that your pet is always in good hands.

South Reno Veterinary Hospital also maintains consulting and referral relationships with Board Certified Specialists for cases requiring advanced diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Schmitt personally follows the progress of each patient throughout the referral process.

Exam Roomsprevent_pic
We offer designated cat and dog exam rooms, and even separate entrances to our reception area!

The Large Dog Room is equipped with an electric lift table that lowers to just inches above the ground for easy walk-on. From there it can be raised to a comfortable height for thorough exam while eliminating the need to physically lift the patient.

Our electric lift table is equipped with wheels that make it especially effective in treating non-ambulatory patients.

Preventive Medicine
Annual Exams · Vaccines · Comprehensive Blood Screenings · Urinalysis · Fecal Test · Heartworm Test

State of the Art In-House Lab with Chemistry, Blood Cell and Electrolyte Analyzer Cytology and Skinscrapes

Digital X-Rays On Site

Sick and critically ill pets often require immediate diagnostic tests to aid in identifying the problem and its source.

Our laboratory is outfitted with the most up-to-date equipment to address diagnostic challenges every day. It is also well-suited to pre-anesthetic or pre-sedation diagnostics.

For advanced and more comprehensive veterinary diagnostics, a reference laboratory is used, with twice daily pickups, and STAT assessment of critical samples.

South Reno Veterinary Hospital also maintains a consulting relationship with Board Certified veterinary oncologists, pathologists, and specialists from other disciplines, allowing us to consistently and efficiently provide informed diagnostic and treatment assessments and protocols.

Our state-of-the-art digital X-Ray equipment allow us to process images within seconds rather than minutes, and with clearer resolution than conventional processors.

This allows for more efficient and thorough interpretation of radiographs, along with the ability to quickly email images for further review by a board-certified veterinary radiologist at our referral clinic when needed. Digital X-Rays assure the most accurate assessment in the most efficient time frame.

Our X-Ray unit is equipped with a floating table that provides ease with which to handle patients, minimizing restraint and movement that can result in animal discomfort and stress.

Dentistry and Oral Surgery
Using an Ultrasonic Dental Scaler, the most advanced tool for this procedure, each tooth is effectively cleaned of tartar. Vibrating at over 10,000 times per second, the Scaler is water-cooled to protect tooth enamel. Once tartar has been thoroughly removed, teeth are polished.

Dr. Schmitt then performs an extensive oral exam, probing every tooth to detect periodontal disease, while checking tonsils, tongue, lymph nodes, and gums.

South Reno Veterinary Hospital utilizes Digital Dental Photography so that pet owners can view before and after images of dental condition, along with potential trouble spots.
Digital Dental X-Rays allow for more extensive examination and recommendations for oral surgery.

Surgery and Anesthesiasurgery_pic
South Reno Veterinary Hospital’s Surgical Suite is well-equipped for most veterinary and oral surgery procedures.

Extensive vital sign monitoring is observed during anesthesia, combining advanced electronic monitoring with personal vet assistant observation. Pulse, electrocardiogram (EKG), breathing rate, and temperature are among the life signs closely guarded.

Pre-operative diagnostic blood tests aid in assessing a patient’s ability to withstand general anesthesia, while also taking into consideration factors such as age and overall health status.
Fluid therapy maintains hydration and blood pressure during anesthesia. A heated surgical table and heated pads provide thermal support, preventing a sudden drop in body temperature.

South Reno Veterinary Hospital uses Sevoflurane Anesthesia for Ease of Sedation and Recovery, which helps reduce the length of time in the sedation process, resulting in less stress on the patient.

South Reno Veterinary Hospital carries a full line of Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, with specialty medications available next day.

All pharmaceutical products are of the highest quality, and maintained in optimum condition.