Keeping Pet Eyes Healthy and Bright

It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that is particularly true with pets, who are able to communicate so much through expression in their eyes.  And those eyes have grown sharp and alert as generations of dogs have become hunters, herders, protectors and beloved Service and Seeing Eye dogs.

Happy dog is a white happy looking dog with cute floppy ears and his adorable pink tongue and glowing brown eyes giving a great big smile to you.

With so much riding on them, it’s important to keep them healthy and bright.

Start by taking a good look.

Eyes should be clear and bright, with white in the area surrounding the eyeball.  Pupils should be equal in size, and there should be no tearing, discharge or crust in the corners.  Note that, as with humans, pollutants in the air can temporarily accumulate around the eye, and can be easily wiped away, so as not to be confused with a more serious issue.

To do a more in-depth inspection, with your thumb gently roll down the lower eyelid and look at the lining.  It should be a healthy pink.

A happy dog squinting it's eyes at the camera.Know the Signs of Potential Eye Problems.

  • Discharge
  • Crusty Build Up
  • Tearing
  • Red or White Eyelid Linings
  • Squinting
  • Cloudiness or Change in Eye Color
  • Unequal Pupil Sizes
  • Eyelid Tumors
  • Bulging or Sunken Eyes
  • Raised or Inflamed Third Eyelid – Membrane found in inner corner of eye

Common Eye-Related Disorders include –

  • Allergies / Conjunctivitis – Eye looks red and swollen, and there may be a discharge.
  • Dry Eye – Reduced tear production causing inflammation, squinting and a dry discharge.
  • Cherry Eye – Enlarged tear gland forming a cherry-like mass.
  • Glaucoma – Eye looks milky or hazy and can be very painful.
  • Cataract- Can look like a grey-white marble in the center of the eye.

woman hands cleaning eyes of dog, closeupGive Eyes the Care That They Deserve!

  • Regular Clean Up – Gently wipe with damp cotton ball outward from the corner of the eye, without touching the eyeball.
  • Head Goes Inside the Car! – Dogs love the wind in their face, but it can also bring with it debris and insect that can lodge in eyes, causing pain and injury. Wind can also dry out eyes, causing irritation and infection.
  • Inspect after Hiking or Walking – Foxtails can get lodged under eyelids, including the third eyelid!
  • Portrait of beautiful young woman with her dog using mobile phone at home.Be Observant – Watch for pawing or rubbing of the eye are that could signal a potential problem.
  • Annual Vet Visits – Regular eye exams are a vital part of pet health.

Observation and Prevention are critical to Pet Wellness, and Eyes are No Exception.

See fit to keep an eye on eyes!

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