Dog and cat diabetes is growing.
It can’t be cured, but it can be effectively managed.

Diabetes is typically due to pancreatic disease, resulting in sugar build up in the bloodstream that can damage vital organs.
Through blood work and specialized lab tests, a Diabetes diagnosis can be confirmed, and treatment can be recommended…ranging from prescribed diet and exercise to daily insulin injections.

New technology developed for human management of diabetes can now apply to pets!
Blood Glucose Sensor – a device with a small needle – is attached to the neck of the animal…painless! Download an app to your smartphone and receive monitored glucose level readings sent from the sensor. Feeding and insulin injection times can be included, so not only does the device track real-time readings, but also can effectively gauge activity related to disease management.

The benefit of this approach also stems from being able to take readings within a pet’s normal environment vs. a trip to the vet, where stress can spike levels, giving abnormal results. And it allows for those pet owners giving injections to avoid weekly trips to the vet, since now they have the ability to consistently monitor progress along with proper dosage. Through the app, pet owners can also send an “invite” to include their vet on the readings!

Know the signs of Diabetes for early detection…

  • Excessive Thirst
  • Increased Urination
  • Weight Loss Despite Increased Appetite
    Age and Obesity CAN be contributing factors!

Regular wellness exams help lead to early diagnosis and treatment for a thriving pet as well as pet owner peace of mind.

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