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Your Guide to Pet Ear Care

August 21, 2019

We all know that pets can have selective hearing, but keeping those ears healthy is an important part of pet wellness. Canine Ear Infections can come from a variety of sources, such as bacteria, yeast, ear mites, moisture, wax, allergies, tumors, and foxtails.  Unlike humans, dog ear canals are mostly vertical, so it’s easy for

Why Pet XRAYS Make a Diagnostic Difference

July 15, 2019

In order to properly diagnose an ailment, veterinarians rely on their hands to probe the body, eyes to assess condition, ears to listen to owners describe symptoms, diagnostic tests to determine blood and urine levels and XRAYS to see what lies beneath. In many cases, Pet XRAYS can quickly and effectively uncover the source of


July 1, 2019

With advancements in veterinary methods and technology, surgery has become an increasingly successful course of action in pet wellbeing. Anesthesia Anxiety Yet, when a surgical procedure is recommended the Number One question pet owners ask is about the safety and effects of anesthesia on pets.  Frequently, concern about the operation itself pales in comparison to

Lumps & Bumps on Pets – Not Necessarily Scary

June 30, 2019

Sometimes the simple act of petting or brushing your pet can lead to discovery of a lump that “wasn’t there before”. Rather than jump to conclusions, know the types of lumps and bumps that are quite common. Lipoma Usually present just under the skin, and generally benign, lipomas vary in firmness. They can be soft


June 20, 2019

Dog and cat diabetes is growing. It can’t be cured, but it can be effectively managed. Diabetes is typically due to pancreatic disease, resulting in sugar build up in the bloodstream that can damage vital organs. Through blood work and specialized lab tests, a Diabetes diagnosis can be confirmed, and treatment can be recommended…ranging from

Why Pets Need Dental Care

June 13, 2019

Even the most caring pet owner can overlook dental care for their pets, and some don’t realize that good dental habits apply to cats as well as dogs. Good dental health not only gets to the root of oral health but also supports overall pet wellness, because oral care is about more than teeth.  Bacteria


June 3, 2019

Have you ever seen your dog limping and thought …“I think he stepped on something”…but then when you check it out you can’t seem to find a cause? While “there’s nothing there” is a possibility, here are some limping-associated ailments you might want to think about…. Soft tissue injury such as a Sprain or Strain,

Fighting Foxtails in Pets

May 28, 2019

Foxtail season is officially here! With cases of foxtails in ears, paws and throats, it’s clear to see that these pesky plants can gain a foothold just about anywhere. A serious hazard, these bristly, seed-bearing grasses commonly found in the Western United States have sharp points and microscopic barbs that allow them to easily move

Detecting and Treating Pet Allergies

April 30, 2019

Did you know that pets can get allergies, too? Primarily affecting dogs, allergies can develop at any time in a pet’s life. Symptoms appear when everyday substances are identified by the body as allergens. While these normally harmless allergens are commonly found in the environment, a dog with allergies can react quite differently, and even

Being a Good Pet Parent

April 16, 2019

You know that your pet is good to you. Sure, there is the occasional “oops” on the carpet or the shoes that were just too tempting, and we won’t even mention the box of croissants that disappeared off the table or the backyard “landscaping”. But your pet is always there for you, and is the