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Managing Arthritis in Pets

August 8, 2018

Creaky joints, stiffness, pain. Dogs and even cats get arthritis, just like people. Intermittent limping, reluctance to exercise or jump, stiffness upon rising, limping made worse by colder weather, and even licking painful joints can be signs of arthritis in your pet. Most often it’s an age-related issue, however joint conformation as seen in hip

Lumps & Bumps on Pets – Not Necessarily Scary

April 18, 2018

Sometimes the simple act of petting or brushing your pet can lead to discovery of a lump that “wasn’t there before”. Rather than jump to conclusions, know the types of lumps and bumps that are quite common. Lipoma Usually present just under the skin, and generally benign, lipomas vary in firmness. They can be soft

Detecting and Treating Pet Allergies

April 17, 2018

Did you know that pets can get allergies, too? Primarily affecting dogs, allergies can develop at any time in a pet’s life. Symptoms appear when everyday substances are identified by the body as allergens. While these normally harmless allergens are commonly found in the environment, a dog with allergies can react quite differently, and even

Being a Good Pet Parent

April 16, 2018

You know that your pet is good to you. Sure, there is the occasional “oops” on the carpet or the shoes that were just too tempting, and we won’t even mention the box of croissants that disappeared off the table or the backyard “landscaping”. But your pet is always there for you, and is the

Why Pets Need Dental Care

January 23, 2018

Even the most caring pet owner can overlook dental care for their pets, and some don’t realize that good dental habits apply to cats as well as dogs. Good dental health not only gets to the root of oral health but also supports overall pet wellness, because oral care is about more than teeth.  Bacteria

Identifying Pet Poisons

October 23, 2017

When thinking about household items that are toxic to pets, one normally gravitates to the obvious, like household cleaners, pest and insect control treatments and even anti-freeze, which is especially appealing because of its sweet taste. Also consider these items equally dangerous to pets, yet hiding in plain sight: Medications In addition to prescription drugs,

Keeping Hunting Dogs Safe

October 23, 2017

As with any outdoor sport, the Golden Rule is Stay Safe, and that holds true for both hunters and hunting dogs. Hunting Season offers great outdoor adventure for both dogs and owners, and just as hunters prepare their gear, so should they prepare their dogs for a safe and memorable hunt. Here are Some Tips

Cancer in Pets

October 1, 2017

While most of us are keenly aware of the effects of cancer on human health, many do not realize that it affects our pets as well. Here’s why you need to know. Cancer is the #1 disease-related cause of death in dogs and cats. 1 in 4 Dogs and 1 in 5 Cats will develop

Keeping Pet Eyes Healthy and Bright

August 28, 2017

It’s said that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that is particularly true with pets, who are able to communicate so much through expression in their eyes.  And those eyes have grown sharp and alert as generations of dogs have become hunters, herders, protectors and beloved Service and Seeing Eye dogs. With

Your Guide to Pet Ear Care

August 28, 2017

We all know that pets can have selective hearing, but keeping those ears healthy is an important part of pet wellness. Canine Ear Infections can come from a variety of sources, such as bacteria, yeast, ear mites, moisture, wax, allergies, tumors, and foxtails.  Unlike humans, dog ear canals are mostly vertical, so it’s easy for